The Artistic Journey of Mordheim Terrain Construction with Spray Painting: The Creativity of Summon Lesser Maker

The Artistic Journey of Mordheim Terrain Construction with Spray Painting: The Creativity of Summon Lesser Maker

Building Mordheim terrain is undoubtedly a highly creative and challenging task, requiring players to utilize their rich imagination and creativity to craft unique and engaging game environments. In this article, we will delve into the outstanding works of YouTube creator Summon Lesser Maker, who specializes in the creation of Mordheim terrain. Summon Lesser Maker utilizes the Mordheim Exploration Chart and employs the rolling of six dice to determine the design of the terrain models he constructs. He rolled three 3s and that is “prisoners”. In most cases these prisoners get killed by the warband that finds them. Therefore, Summon Lesser Maker makes a few terrain pieces these warbands might have taken these prisoners to. These pieces of terrain look incredible.

The Process

1. Using a laser cutter to precisely cut fragments of wheels and then assemble those fragments into a complete wheel

2. Take out a pipe cleaner tree craft and carefully enhance its detailing, and decorate it with our handmade wheels to add a unique touch.

3. Prepare quarter inch by quarter inch balsa wood dowels square dowels, coffee stirrer sticks, and wood pieces of other sizes. First, take the quarter inch by quarter inch balsa wood dowels square dowels and break it in half to create an uneven and textured surface on the wood. Then, use the coffee stirrer sticks to construct the rest of the platform. Finally, use the wood pieces of other sizes to create a ladder and glue them all together.

4. Using some 3D printed scattered terrain models, Planks and carriage wheels, a relatively simple barricade was constructed.

5. First take a branch-like model, and secure it onto a piece of board. Then, use some modular stuff to enclose the tree, making it appear like it's planter. 

6. By using additional wooden strips to create a third foot and splitting the wooden in half to build it, the remaining gaps can be filled with coffee sticks. This not only makes the overall structure more stable but also adds a unique sense of layering. 

7. The pipe cleaner needs to be melted through a heat source to create a very sturdy outer shell. This uniquely designed pipe cleaner, not only retains the shape of a rope, but also improves its texture, making it more durable and reliable. Next, the skeletona will be securely tied to the rope. Additionally, some oathmark skeletons will be affixed to the previously secured carriage wheels, with some detailed finishing touches.

8. Before officially applying colors, we often apply an even layer of black primer to the entire model to ensure that the colors blend well and highlight the unique features of the theme. 

9. Next, we will use the NEOECO NCT-SJ83 dual action airbrush to apply a uniform layer of white primer to the model, ensuring that colors blend well during the subsequent painting process. The SJ83 airbrush has excellent atomization effects, and its self-centering nozzle is also very easy to clean and use. 

10. We will apply a second coat of brown paint, similar to the color of wood, to the model in order to add natural texture and depth.

11. We will specifically use an airbrush to precisely apply yellow paint to the wooden board, adding a distinct bright spot to the entire model and making it more layered. This step was also completed using our SJ83 gravity feed airbrush.

12. Finally, we took up the paintbrush, first carefully outlining the skeletona with white paint. Then, we gently applied pure white paint onto the trunk and branches, delicately creating unique stripes for the tree. This transformed its appearance, making it more closely resemble a distinctive birch tree.

After careful crafting and coloring, a Mordheim terrain themed around "prisoners" has been beautifully realized. 

 If you have a keen interest in Mordheim terrain, then I highly recommend that you try making one yourself. It's not only a fun and creative process, but it will also allow you to explore and understand the charm of this mysterious world more deeply.

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