Who We Are

NEOECO specializes in the design and manufacture of state-of- the-art airbrushes, air compressors, and accessories enjoyed by those with a passion for airbrush painting.  .

Perfect for fine art, makeup application, tanning, body art, automotive painting, cake decorating, textile design and so on. You can find NEOECO products across the globe and in the hands of people creating inspiring and creative work.

  • The Journey

    The NEOECO story began in 2013 when our founder found that the airbrush of major brands In the market are so expensive. So NEOECO was founded on a simple yet profound goal: to provide affordable, quality airbrushing equipment to makers and creators.

    During the first 5 years, we continued to build our foundation by doing OEM for brands in mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and other countries. Gradually, we realized how important it was not just to manufacture quality equipment. It was essential for us to understand those who need, use, and buy our products.

  • New Approach

    In 2019, we transformed NEOECO into a Direct to Consumer brand. This change allowed us to develop meaningful and long-lasting connections with the people who would use our products.

    This allowed us to incorporate more of their experiences, frustrations, and goals in our development process. With their feedback, we have been able to craft even better products that speak to their real-life needs.
    Fast forward to today.

  • Designed for You

    Our airbrushing products are built with good quality and user friendly at the forefront. Ergonomic, comfortable and easy to use – these are just a few of the qualities our customers love.

    It’s our duty to make sure you can enjoy it without hassle. With a combination of user input and our dedication to quality and innovation, we design and build the best possible airbrushing tools to make your job easier.

Our Values

You, our customers, impact everything we do. From research and development, manufacturing, sales, and fulfillment, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.