Why Host This Event?

The trigger-type airbrush, known for its comfortable grip, has a solid market presence. However, we're not interested in replicating existing features. If you've ever wished for additional features in an airbrush, share your thoughts with NEOECO. We're keen to integrate excellent perspectives into our 2024 trigger-type airbrush design. Join us, and the ideal airbrush tailored to your needs might just become a reality!

How To Join?

Time Period : 22TH DEC 2023 - 31TH JAN 2024

Entry Rules : Send us your ideas through email (to or by using the information submission module at the bottom of this page. Please include "CO-CRAFTING" in the email body. If sending via email, set the subject as: "Co-Crafting the Next-Gen Trigger Design Airbrush."

We will select outstanding design points from the emails to incorporate into the latest trigger design airbrush. If your design point is chosen and it represents a unique perspective, you will directly become one of our winners. If multiple people suggest the same points, we will randomly select a certain number of individuals to receive prizes. In total, there are 5 prizes.

The prize draw will be broadcast live on our official YouTube channel on February 6, 2024.

The list of winners' emails will be published on our website on February 7, 2024, and will also be announced on our official INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, and other channels.

Please note that the suggested design points should ideally not include common features found in current trigger-type airbrushes, such as trigger-style caps, auto-centering nozzles, or easy-to-identify nozzle needles.!

Reward : Co-Crafted Trigger Design Airbrush Set + 15% Off Coupon for   5 Winners!


Q : What type of nozzle will the new trigger-style airbrush be equipped with? 
A : Auto centering nozzle for excellent atomization effect. 

Q : When is the approximate release date for this new co-crafted trigger airbrush?
A : The anticipated release date for the new model is before December 31, 2024. We will make efforts to release it as early as possible.

Q : If not enough ideas are adopted, how will the prizes be distributed?
A: We will randomly select participants until the total number of prizes reaches 5.

Q : How about the shipping time, shipping cost, and tax fees? 
A  : The reward airbrush will be dispatched immediately upon product release. Shipping times vary by location, typically 7-13 days to the United States, 5-8 days to the UK, and 7-30 days to other countries. International transfer costs, including administrative fees, are covered by the organizer. Winners are responsible for their own tax obligations as per their country's policies. Actual amounts may vary; please refer to your country's laws and tax regulations.

Q : What is the time limit for using the 15% discount coupon? 
A : The expiration date is December 30, 2024.

Q : What happens if the production time for the new trigger airbrush is too long, and I can't wait? Or if the airbrush project is eventually halted?
A: You have the option to choose any product priced below $40, and we will send that to you instead of the co-crafted trigger design airbrush.

Check Terms and Conditions for this event here.

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