• Reliable Business Partner

    You'll have full DEKO's support and the possibility for long term prosperity.

  • High Value Products

    We ensure to provide the stable quality of our products at unbeatable price.

  • Business Support

    We provide marketing materials to maintain the brand consistency.


Thank you for interest in becoming our Distributor. We are looking forward to long-term mutually beneficial partnership with you to maximize your profits and improve customer service experience by providing localizedservices.

As a manufactuer, we offer:
-flexible cooperation and payment terms for you,
-best value tools with the lowest prices & great quality,
-100% business transparency and loyalty.

We welcome new distributors who trust us and who put professionalism as a differentiating virtue and support our brand values. Each NEOCEO partner may becom an exclusive distributor in the agreed markets or regions.

Open the doors to the cooperation with NEOCEO, and you'll see the strong foundation that places NEOCEO among the most fast-growing brands in the industry.

Just introduce your company via email and we will get back to you soon.

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    By choosing to cooperate with NEOECO, rest assured that your customers will receive the quality goods on time. We offer help at the manufacturing and shipping stage, and provide marketing materials to support sales and promotion.


    We R&D and manufacture our products in our own factories which allows us to have a full control over the quality and production process. It also helps to best customize our products for local markets taking into account customers' needs and preferences.


    As each market has its own requirements and local preferences, our team will help you choose and develop the product series that best suit your market and your customers’ needs. We offer packaging in local languages and product certificates.

  • Reliable Aftermarket Support

    Don’t worry about the quality problems if they do occur, NEOECO is your strong backing to solve your worries behind.
    In order to guarantee distributors’ interest and increase the market competitiveness, NEOECO provides strong after-sales service.
    During the one-year warranty period, if the airbrush machine has malfunctions due to quality problems and can’t be repaired, customers are allowed to return the products to distributors for money or change a new model. YesWelder will cover the refund, and distributors can cut from the purchase payment.