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NEOECO Airbrush

Mini Stainless Steel Bench Vise Handheld Clamp

Mini Stainless Steel Bench Vise Handheld Clamp

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1)Crafted from premium-grade 304 stainless steel, our product boasts an impeccably smooth surface finish. With this superior material, durability, wear resistance, water resistance, and overall solidity are significantly enhanced, ensuring long-lasting performance.

2) Experience high-precision machining with our product. Utilizing CNC machining center processing, we achieve superior precision in every detail. The chamfering design all around ensures a smooth finish, eliminating any sharp edges that could potentially cause harm and enhancing safety during use.

3) Unlock versatile clamping capabilities with our product's innovative design. Featuring a total of 18 strategically placed holes across both sides, with 14 holes on one side and 4 holes on the other, allowing for flexible combinations and providing a wide range of clamping distances. Moreover, the inclusion of 2 cylindrical clamping holes caters specifically to round-shaped components, ensuring convenient and secure clamping for circular parts.

4) Versatile in functionality, our product excels in various tasks including model engraving, scribing, part cutting, model painting, polishing parts, and drilling holes with precision and ease.


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