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NEOECO Airbrush

NEOECO 2PCS Model Paint Purification Airbrush Filter Cups

NEOECO 2PCS Model Paint Purification Airbrush Filter Cups

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  • 【Premium Material】Crafted from high-quality plastic and stainless steel wire, the Paint Airbrush Filter Cup boasts exceptional durability. Through a meticulous pressing process, the filter mesh is intricately woven to perfection.
  • 【User-Friendly Design】Using the Paint Airbrush Filter Cup is a breeze. Simply inject the paint, remove the lid of the airbrush paint pot, place the filter cup, and you're ready to go.
  • Comprehensive Package】Included in the package are 2 Filter Cup Paint Purifying Cups, Model Tool Accessories that are indispensable for enthusiasts. One of the filters has a mesh size of 150 and is suitable for filtering paints with larger particles or pigments with higher concentrations. The other filter has a mesh size of 200 and is suitable for common paints. The These cups are designed for effortless model tool replacement. They come in a crisp, white color.
  • 【Practical Painting Accessory】The Paint Airbrush Filter Cup plays a pivotal role in maintaining the quality of your work. It effectively isolates dirt, dust, particles, or any minute elements that might disrupt the painting process. By doing so, it prevents clogs in spray guns, airless sprayers, and paint brushes.
  • 【Versatility at Its Best】These Airbrush Paint Purification Cups find their utility across diverse domains. Be it in the realm of automotive detailing, arts and crafts, painting, DIY projects, work tasks, home improvements, hobbies, and more – they seamlessly fit in. These cups elevate your paint finish, ensuring a flawlessly smooth and impurity-free surface, ultimately adding that extra touch of perfection.


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